PLAY! AMSTERDAM was awarded 3rd prize in the prestigious apps for amsterdam 2011 competition!

You can purchase this useful app in the Android market. This application is for Android-based telephones only. For other phones, including iPhones, the PLAY! AMSTERDAM Layar application is also available, based on the well-known Layar infrastructure.

Find Amsterdam's more than 425+ public playgrounds inside the A10 ring road. Built to complement the best-selling PLAY! AMSTERDAM book and the PLAY! AMSTERDAM Layar, this interactive app helps you locate and navigate to the 427 Public Playgrounds scattered in and around Amsterdam. Recently awarded 3rd prize in the 'apps for amsterdam' competition, this application is a must for parents and kids living in or visiting the city. By combining playground locations with the City of Amsterdamís official data on neighborhoods, you can easily search for a playground nearby matching your kidís interest and ability level. Each playground has been individually visited, reviewed and cataloged. Descriptions include:

  • Address and GPS coordinates
  • List of playground equipment
  • Full description of the play area
  • Photograph
  • Skills level indicator
  • List of football goals, basketball nets, skating ramps, wading pools, petting zoos and more!
If you have ever, even for a moment, wondered where the 427 PUBLIC PLAYGROUNDS are in Amsterdam then this app is for you!

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